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My Kitchen Border Paper

Carol's World

I started collecting Coca-Cola Items in the middle 80's. Coca-Cola came out with RED tabs on their cans and You could redeem the tabs at local J.C.Penney stores for Coke Items T-Shirts, Caps, Notebooks, Marbles etc. Well that was the start of My Collection. I don't limit myself to one thing. I'm a Packrat at Heart, so I have a little bit of everything.:)

I have my Kitchen decorated in Coca-Cola and it's an Enjoyable never ending project. My Favorite Collection is my Coca-Cola Xmas Village I started 4 years ago. I've been a member of the Cavanagh Coca-Coca Christmas Collector Society for 3 years and I Highly Recommend them.

So Grab a Cold Coke and let me show you some images of my collection.

(1) 98 Beans, (2) Summer Beans, (3) Xmas Beans

(1) Kissing Bears, (2) Plush, (3) Spring 98

International Beanies

MY COCA-COLA VILLAGE (1) Central High (2) Flying A Station (3) Tony's Pizza

(4) Scooter's Drive In (5) Star Drive-In (6) Waltons

(1) Drive In Girl, (2) Delivery Men, (3) Pizza Delivery

(1) Model T, (2) Snow Bear, (3) Convertible, (4) Snow Day Fun


Figurines-(1) Everybody Needs a friend, (2) Girls can throw, (3) Calls for a Coke

Musicals- (1) Skating Polar Bear, (2) JukeBox Jingles

Madame Alexander Coca-Cola Carhop

HOME Me Ads Girls

D. Coke Xmas Bears